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How it works

You get value as you step into the UBQFIT platform; BUT, to earn financial value, community members must first purchase a UBQFIT gameplay shirt NFT. This shirt NFT is priced at a 1000 UBQOINs (the platform cryptocurrency) for our very early members during our beta phase AND they will be gifted 1000 UBQOINs in their UBQFIT decentralized wallets as they join. So go ahead and mint that first NFT as soon as possible or your rewards (we call these Jewels) will simply disappear at the end of each gameplay you engage in.
We all know nothing in life feels good without a support partner, who is always, ALWAYS on your side. At UBQFIT EVERYONE gets a metaverse 3D Avatar partner as they sign up. It’s the first thing we do. Why, you say? Because the future is in the metaverse and we are planning ahead (more to come on this).
You get to build your avatar partner and dress it up with more NFT options as we grow which enhances your Jewels earning potential. Your avatar partner is in most of your fitness & wellness sessions cheering you on and supporting you.
The cornerstone of the UBQFIT platform are fitness and wellness activities. As you engage in these activities, you can win UBQOINs or compile your Jewels earned in your dashboard to qualify for converting them into UBQOINs pending conditions detailed in this whitepaper.