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Activity tracker

During high impact group in-app on screen workouts, we use proprietary pose detection technology to gauge your movements with very close precision and provide you with flying Jewels across your screen as you work through your workouts. Your avatar will be sitting in the corner of the screen cheering you on for now. More to come on your Avatar capabilities. You'll see your progress on the live leaderboard which will rank you real time next to others in that session.
To track your workout activity for each workout, we have apple watch integration once we roll out our iOS app, so when that time comes don't forget to sync your watch if you have an iOS phone. If you have an android, we will have a UBQFIT watch in the marketplace that you can buy with your earned UBQOINs. More watch integrations to come in the near future! (under development)
Post workout, we will show you the data around: (under development)
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time Earnings